MVP Spotlight

Barbara Henhapl

Since 2007, Barbara Henhapl has been acting as a consultant for EPM (Enterprise Project Management) and since 2011 has been the independent consultant in Austria and for all German-speaking areas.
Everything started in 2000 at a pharmaceutical company. Her task as a senior project manager was to implement Project Central for internal IT systems. Independent of this project, she then worked on implementing Project Server 2002 and 2003, always pleased by the fact that crucial improvements could be discovered in each new version. They were sometimes not immediately apparent, but a search in the forums always quickly helped.
Once she discovered the forums as a learning aid, it came to a point where Barbara dared to start answering the first questions. After initial success, her participation in the forums quickly developed into almost an obsession - and she was first appointed as a Microsoft MVP for Projects in April 2011.
Since Barbara has been an MVP, the focus of her activities has shifted to the community. So many new opportunities opened up with the MVP Award that she unfortunately no longer has as much time for the forums as she did before.
Microsoft Austria appreciates the only local Project MVP and welcomed Barbara with open arms: She now holds regular lectures and organizes workshops for Microsoft.

Together with Microsoft colleagues, Barbara is an independent consultant for customers and takes care of workshops and demos on site. She helps companies to make better professional use of Microsoft Project and Project Server in order to adapt solutions step by step to the processes and needs of the respective company. For some time Barbara has shared her knowledge and her practical experience on the Austrian
project blog and regularly imparts tips to users.

In addition, new possibilities have opened up for Barbara on a global level including close cooperation with the product group. Examples of this are her participation in development and testing new versions.
The most interesting possibility for Barbara, which came about through the MVP Award program, is her participation in localization projects. These projects are about rendering software and all relevant information correctly in the national languages. Initial success has already been achieved for the project, but there is ultimately always room for improvement. In pursuit of this goal Barbara is particularly involved with the optimization of German versions of Project Client and Server and also with relevant project articles on Microsoft's support pages. In addition, the MVP Project Group has begun to update the FAQs. Barbara contributes to this by making the appropriate German-language versions available.
Barbara is happy about her renewed appointment as an MVP: "Not only is it a marvelous honor, but above all I am pleased to be accepted into a community which consists of extremely competent members, and which is always open to listening to problems and suggestions!"