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Cédric Bravo
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Cédric Bravo

Convinced that the IT world was preparing an industrial revolution even before we started to talk about Cloud computing, Hyper-V MVP Cédric Bravo felt very early on the need for the public to be educated about the new methods of production that emerged in the early 2000s. 

In 2005, Cedric co-authored a book about automation in the Windows environment (Windows Scripting, published through Eyrolles). His investment continued in 2008 with the takeover of Guvirt a French-speaking user-group about virtualization and Cloud computing technologies. This community leadership earned him an MVP Award, which he received the same year. Since that time, Cedric has regularly published articles and white papers and taken an active part in improving Microsoft products as part of the MVP community.

After courses in the industry and a rapid transition to a sales function, Cedric began his self-taught IT career as a support technician in the late 90s. Since the Cedric has sought to constantly improve himself on various aspects of the production of computer services, such as industrialization, data protection, consolidation, high availability, and virtualization.

His strong technical background has helped move Cédric to functional and businesses areas where he successful drives transformation projects of IT services.

This atypical profile associated with economic pragmatism has enabled him to develop a rare overview really appreciated by its customers.

Cédric currently serves as consultant architect for the Cloud company Nware.

"The MVP Award is one of the best things that ever happened in my professional life. Having the opportunity to establish direct relationships with Microsoft product managers, to participate in improving future versions and to collaborate in a global expert network is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences that you could live,” said Cedric. “The MVP Award is also a recognition of excellence and a particular investment in Microsoft technologies users’ community. It is an accelerator that opened many doors for me and boosted my community investment."
"The MVP Summit is one of the leading moments of the year for an MVP,” he continued. “This is an opportunity to meet many other worldwide MVPs with whom you have sometimes exchanged email during the past year. It’s also the possibility to participate in workshops and technical sessions but also the opportunity to meet and exchange with Microsoft teams in a more informal way on the Redmond Campus. I have very good memories of those times."

Cedric is investing in virtualization technologies and in public and private Microsoft Cloud (Azure, Hyper- V, System Center, WAP). He is particularly interested in how the products should fit into a company to enable it to reduce its production costs and increase agility.