MVP Spotlight

Lars Keller

Client Development
Client Development MVP Lars Keller has been active in the community for more than eight years.
In 2006, Lars started his Blog and co-founded the .NET Developer Group Braunschweig.
“I am a person who loves to exchange knowledge about the latest technologies and how to best apply them,” he explained. “From my perspective, ‘Community’ means learning from each other.”
Lars is working for H&D International Group. He is head of the AppFactory, where apps are developed for all major platforms. At H&D he helps customers to mobilize processes and address the next generation of employees. In addition, Lars develops innovative apps for H&D.
Before being awarded as an MVP, Lars was already very committed to the community. Through the MVP Award, a new wealth of opportunities opened up to him: he gets insights into the latest developments in his field of activity in advance. Further he can provide his feedback directly to the product group.
A special moment that has remained in Lars’ memory: the day when he was first recognized with the MVP Award. "My first thoughts when I received the award? I still love to look back on that moment. What can I say, it was the first of April and before I got the official email, I was invited to a telephone meeting with the product group. I was confused and overwhelmed at the same time!" reported Lars.
As a user group lead, Lars is highly involved in organizing and managing the .NET Developer Group Braunschweig and the INETA Deutschland throughout the year.

He also is a much sought-after speaker and further supports a number of community conferences this year. "Maybe there will be other projects coming up, but I cannot tell you more about it right now," Lars added amused.
Also for the Community Open Day 2014, Lars agreed to present a technical session. The Community Open Day 2014 is an event dedicated to the MVPs in the German speaking regions. Taking place on March 21 and 22, the event was organized by local MVP Award Program Managers responsible for Germany, Austria and Switzerland and the Developer and Platform Evangelism department of Microsoft Germany.
Together with Gunter Logemann, Technical Evangelist from Microsoft Germany, Lars presented the "Awesome Windows Platform" to a large audience of about 120.
Lars and Gunter delivered an exciting overview including demos showing the audience how the Windows platform enables 3D printing, communication with physical devices and sensors as the core of the “Internet of things.”

The audience was amazed by the presentation of technologies that are, at least not yet, very common.
"Some of the technologies we presented in our session will soon belong to our daily working space - I'm sure!” said Lars. Lars also enjoyed the Community Open Day a lot. "I personally loved the very nice, familiar atmosphere of the two days of the event. Many MVPs know each other only from communicating by email, and get to know each other personally at the event. From the very first moment, everybody is on a first-name-basis and shares their thoughts and experiences, talking about the passion we all have in common: technology.”