MVP Spotlight

Gian Paolo Santopaolo

Hardware Interaction Design and Development
Italian Hardware Interaction Design and Development MVP Gian Paolo Santopaolo designs and develops NUI user experiences for multitouch devices and primarily is focused on PPI by Microsoft and Kinect. He also researches and creates prototypes for tactile and gesture recognition solutions with particular attention to the interaction between the two. For over a decade he has been dealing with architecture, design and development of enterprise applications with extreme scalability requirements by implementing the latest technologies.
What are you working on?
"I work at IBV, where I lead the development team," said Gian Paolo. "There, I’ve been able to combine my passion for NUI with my enterprise expertise. We are working on porting our internal framework, which allows us to create applications starting from XML that dramatically reduces maintenance costs on Windows 10. Noteworthy is the design of a multimedia classroom, where children can interact with Windows 10 and the new touch technologies.”
What does it mean to you to be an MVP?
"I've always had a great ability to work in teams, so do my best in the communities, sharing my experiences. The NUI world is evolving, there are no standards; because of this, exchanging ideas is the way to find solutions from which everyone can benefit,” said Gian Paolo. "Many people ask me how to become an MVP. I have only two words: Sharing passion. In my case, it results in being myself. Always share your expertise, because history teaches us that sharing knowledge always leads to a collective growth."
What’s your favorite MVP moment?
"Definitely meeting with Microsoft Research," Gian Paolo exclaimed. "I met the father of the Surface V1 touch table presented by Microsoft in 2008. I followed all the studies that he led since the creation of the table in 2001, so I feel like it’s a little mine also! It's been an honor for me to talk with him, there where all technologies arise, and for this I have to thank the Kinect for Windows program manager, who gave us this great opportunity.”
What’s your favorite current technology tip?
"I tried to translate the vision of Microsoft in code, which I’ve also exhibited at the MVP Showcase. It’s important that those who begin the development of a Universal app should keep in mind this concept and I hope that my article Universal Windows Applications across multiple form factors devices: from 4 to 82 inches can be of help."