Meet Community Champ Jennifer Paige
Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Jennifer Paige, senior community engagement manager for Microsoft Community, helps pave the way between customers and great content.
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As the senior community engagement manager for Microsoft Community, Jennifer Paige lives in a world she knows and loves well, having been actively involved with online communities since 1998.
She began her career managing communities and social media strategies in the video game industry until she found her way to Microsoft Studios and began working with communities for franchises such as Age of Empires and Flight. “Watching the way online communities have evolved has been fascinating. This is my passion; there is nothing more rewarding than learning from our dedicated, passionate customers.”
In her work with Microsoft Community, her goal is to help Microsoft customers around the world connect to the answers they need. “By far, some of our best answers and best content comes from the MVP community. Our job is to give them the best platform to do that.”
MSDN, TechNet and Microsoft Community handle: Jennifer_P