Hands-on Experts: MVPs Bring Microsoft Devices to Life
Wednesday, October 23, 2013
It’s been well over a decade since MVPs started helping others gain a hands-on knowledge of Microsoft devices—and it’s only just the beginning.
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MVPs, long known for helping people make the most of their Microsoft software, services and development tools, have also been instrumental in helping them in the adoption of Microsoft devices for well over a decade. As the list of Microsoft products grows, so do the areas of expertise. So, with the launch of the much-anticipated Surface 2, the timing was perfect this month for the inaugural group of 11 Surface MVPs to become part of this vital, wide-ranging community.
From MVPs who help others enjoy or develop games for Xbox to those who create the cool new apps for Windows Phone to Windows Embedded MVPs who help companies do anything from create intelligent retail point-of sale-systems to monitor windmills, MVPs share their deep expertise and hands-on understanding of Windows-run and Microsoft devices.
And how they contribute to the community is as varied as their areas of expertise. In Australia, Xbox MVPs Mark Libman and David Lynch have launch into season 8 of the popular OzBoxLive radio podcast, while Xbox MVP Marques Lyon has orchestrated 70 Consumer Camps across the United States and Puerto Rico to help small business and personal users connect with real-world experts.
Kinect for Windows MVP Josh Blake contributed his expertise in natural user interface in Ben Lower’s Kinect for Windows blog, where he was featured in a three-part interview.
The DotNetRocks Visual Studio 2012 Roadshow, driven by Kinect for Windows MVPs Carl Franklin and ASP.NET/IIS MVP Richard Campbell, recently presented 42 talks on Kinect for Windows and other Microsoft technologies to 2,600 attendees across the United States.
To help people understand and make the most of Windows-run devices in the Windows Embedded Compact Forums, Windows Embedded MVPs, who represent 8% of the population, have provided 30% of the answers and 32% of the helpful votes so far this year. Windows Phone Consumer MVPs also have racked up impressive numbers in the Windows Phone Consumer forum, with more than 12,300 posts and 1.3 million answer views.
The new Surface MVPs also run the gamut of community leadership, including serving as book authors, forum participants, conference presenters and notable bloggers, such as Surface MVP Dave McCabe, producer of the popular www.SurfaceGeeks.net and Linda A. Epstein, whose www.tabletpc2.com is one of the industry’s original tablet review sites. (You can find out more about Linda in the MVP Spotlight section of this site.) Like many communities which help people make the most of their Microsoft devices, this MVP expertise is poised for growth, as Microsoft seeks to recognize those community leaders who are passionate about helping people adopt Surface in their commercial businesses.