Cloud OS MVP Roadshow
Monday, March 24, 2014
With IT departments managing more apps, devices and data than ever, MVPs around the world decided it was time to take the benefits of the Microsoft Cloud OS on the road.
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The rapid rise of cloud computing and the use of cloud services has provided an ever-increasing array of opportunities in IT: datacenter transformation, new data insights, people-centric IT and more modern business applications. To help IT professionals learn how to drive more efficiency and deliver new forms of value through the cloud, MVPs around the world have embarked on the Cloud OS MVP Roadshow—bringing real-world answers and hands-on experience with integrating the Cloud OS into today’s business environment.
It began early this year, when MVPs with expertise in Microsoft Hyper-V Server, Microsoft Azure and Windows Server 2012 R2—and an understanding of Microsoft’s vision for the Cloud OS platform—began presenting at events around the world. In numerous small-scale events, the Roadshow is expected to reach thousands of IT Pros, spanning cities from London to Vancouver, Sarajevo to Tokyo. Many events sold out and some upcoming events already have waiting lists.
Their goal is to help businesses understand how to move to the cloud so they can get all the benefits of scale, speed, and agility while still protecting existing investments. Presentations have focused on demonstrating how to rapidly build and deploy apps, flexibly manage IT services, and support real-time analytics across all forms of data. They’ve also highlighted how the Cloud OS supports people-centric IT, allowing employees to bring their own devices and enhancing anytime, anywhere productivity.
Altogether, the Cloud OS MVP Roadshow will reach 21 countries this year in nearly 100 events. You can find upcoming events in—
Helsinki, Finland
Rome, Italy
Madrid, Spain
Warsaw, Poland
Edinburgh, UK
Sunderland, UK
Reading, UK
Oslo, Norway
Birmingham, UK
London, UK
Bradford/Leeds, UK