Meet Community Champ Emily Hanson
Friday, May 30, 2014
Program manager for Preview Xbox Updates, Emily Hanson, knows where to go when she needs answers—the passionate Xbox community.
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Last February, Xbox invited select Xbox Live members to preview new features coming to Xbox One, and Emily Hanson now serves as program manager for Preview Xbox Updates. While she’s new to this role, she’s already well versed in the contributions of the MVP community. That’s because for more than three years, Emily had served on the Xbox Community Support team, where MVPs play a vital role in helping customers make the most of their Xbox experience.
“When we launched the previews, it was natural for us to turn to top Xbox forum participants to get their feedback, and that of course included a lot of MVPs,” said Emily. “One of the very first things I did was reach out to one of my favorite MVPs and, over a game of Titanfall, chat about it.”
“Our team is built on iterating quickly,” she continued. “What better way to do that than to talk with the people who are well-versed with the product? MVPs have earned that place at the table because of the passion they’ve demonstrated and what they’ve brought to the product team already. There’s no amount of business intelligence I can get that’s better than chatting with someone like AKA Scratch.”
Emily and her team have been exploring creating a monthly round table with MVPs. “One of the things I think would be very valuable for us is to chat with them about the preview program in a more formal way,” she said.
She concluded: “I think Xbox is unique because the passion around the product is unrivaled. In the Xbox team, everyone lives and breathes it. Which is one of the reasons I love the community. We’re passionate because our community is—and it’s no more exemplified than with the MVPs.”