Side Sessions - MVP Global Summit

 MVP Global Summit
November 3 -6, 2014 | Bellevue & Redmond, Washington, USA
MVP Global Summit Side Sessions
Side Sessions present additional opportunities to get even more content at the Summit. The primary attribute of a Side Session is that it is offered outside of the official session times for particular expertise.
Generally this means the session is held on Sunday,  November 2, before the Summit officially begins or Thursday, November 6, the day after the bulk of sessions are complete.
New this year! Accessibility is central to the idea that Microsoft builds tools that empower every individual. The Accessibility Product Group will host four side sessions on Thursday, 6 November dedicated to the efforts on Accessibility. These sessions will be open to all MVPs.

  • Side sessions are funded by the group hosting it.
  • Official side sessions are held at the Hyatt on Sunday and on Campus on Thursday:
    • They are represented in the Schedule Builder
    • They are confined to a particular set of rooms in specific buildings on each of the two days.
  • You may hear of some side sessions which are NOT in the Schedule Builder. This is because they are not official and are being planned outside of the Summit planning process. Therefore the event staff and crew have no knowledge of the logistics or plans for the session.