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Juan Garrido Caballero

I'm currently working with the team of Azure Threat Intelligent as well as NCC guys in a PowerShell tool for automate tasks related to Azure build review and security surface.


Juan Garrido is a Senior Security Consultant at NCC Group UK Security Consulting, a full-service security consulting company offering world class penetration testing, security systems development, security education and software design verification. He is focused on security assessment, forensic and incident response. During his more than ten years as a security professional, he also has been working on several security projects and court investigations. Juan has written several technical books and security tools. He is the author of the security tool voyeur and he also writes as frequent contributor on several technical magazines in Spain including, Trade Press and Digital Media.
Juan has been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Enterprise Security, now called Cloud and Datacenter Management. He has participated as speaker at many conferences such as RootedCon, GsickMinds, DEFCON, Troopers, BlackHat, etc.
You can find him on Twitter, @tr1ana.