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SharePoint Server
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Office365, Visual Studio ALM, .NET
Bosnian, English, German
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Adis Jugo
Head of Development at deroso Solutions
I am a software architect with 20 years of professional experience in creating software solutions. A long time has passed since my first steps in software development – I’ve got my Sinclair ZX Spectrum in my early teens, when I was learning programming with Sinclair Basic and Z80 assembler. My first professional, business-suitable software solution, I have built back in 1991, using Borland Turbo C 2.0, on a Intel 80286 based computer with a Hercules graphic card.
A lot of things have changed since then – new technologies, new development techniques, new paradigms – but, one thing has remained unchanged: during all this time, I was focused on creating solutions which make user’s life at least a bit easier. And, my passion was, and still is, improving software development process in all of it’s aspects and phases.
I first met SharePoint (actually, I first met Microsoft CMS server, which later became a part of SharePoint Server) back in 2002, and since 2006 my focus is completely shifted towards architecture and development of solutions based on the SharePoint technology. I see SharePoint as a product which helps the companies to quickly boost the information workers’ productivity, but I mainly see it as a platform, which serves as a foundation for development of enterprise business solutions.
And, this is exactly what I do now – designing, architecting and developing enterprise software solutions, based on Microsoft .NET, JavaScript and, above all, SharePoint.