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Windows Platform Development
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ASP.NET/IIS, Microsoft Azure, .NET
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UNE, School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Prize for 2004

Daniel Vaughan
Daniel Vaughan is cofounder and president of Outcoder, and the author of Windows Phone 8 Unleashed published by SAMS.
Daniel is co-founder and president of Outcoder, a Swiss software and consulting company dedicated to creating best-of-breed user experiences and leading-edge back-end solutions, using the Microsoft stack of technologies—in particular WPF, Windows Phone, WinRT, and Xamarin.Forms for iOS and Android.

Daniel is a four-time Microsoft MVP for Client Application Development, with experience across a wide range of industries including finance, e-commerce, and digital media. 
Daniel is the author of Windows Phone 8 Unleashed and Windows Phone 7.5 Unleashed, both published by SAMS.

Daniel is a Silverlight and WPF Insider, a Microsoft Azure Advisor, a member of the WPF Disciples, and a member of the Microsoft Developer Guidance Advisory Council.
Daniel also sits on the advisory board of PebbleAge, a Swiss Financial Software company.

While originally from Australia and the UK, Daniel is currently based in Zurich Switzerland. 

Daniel is the developer behind several acclaimed Windows Phone apps including Intellicam, Surfy, and Splashbox; and is the creator of a number of popular open-source projects including Calcium SDK, and Clog.

Daniel also manages the Windows Phone Experts group on LinkedIn; a group that has over 4000 independent developers, Microsoft employees, and Windows Phone enthusiasts.

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