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Windows Phone Consumer, Xbox, Word
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Daylon D Furlough
United States
First, I'm really honored to have received the Microsoft MVP Xbox MVP Award. The program contains some outstanding individuals and I'm truly honored to be amongst such a talented group. Being nominated was fantastic and it's something I'll never forget. There's not much to say about me except that I love doing what I do which is adding to the community as much as I can with the bits that I know. I'll try to bring some southern flavor to the program. I am also an Author. You can get my latest book, Day 8 New Human War, on You can catch me mostly on the official Xbox site and forums as well as at Unscripted 360 ( where The Velvet Voice comes out. You can also hit me up on Twitter @deaconblade. I do a variety of things that pertain to Microsoft and its Xbox 360 platform. I've been doing it since before the original Xbox launched. I was an Xbox Live Beta tester too so I've been involved for quite some time. The original Xbox sort of saved my gaming life when it was first introduced as I was so bored with what was currently on the market. I guess it was more about the controllers. (yes I was a fan of the Duke) I've been enjoying the ride ever since the Xbox first launched! And now we go from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. I love it. You love it. We all love it together.
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