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Grahm Skee
I am the founder of, a site that which fostered my obsessed with digital media consumption. From the site I was inducted into the MVP program as a Digital Media MVP and later to become a Zune MVP when the product was introduced.  As Zune morphed into Xbox Music and as already a huge Xbox fan, I became an Xbox MVP. Having an influence while watching the life cycle of the Zune has been the more rewarding and interesting things I've done as an MVP. I feel honored and privileged to have been able to interact and provide feedback to the product teams during the Zune’s life cycle, but even more so now with Xbox since think its Microsoft's most important consumer product as digital media and interaction takes over our living rooms. 

As my MVP status has morphed over the years so has my career. It has become less about content creation and more about community management and social media engagement. I still get to be involved in my original community but have able to oversee other technology related communities  like and to name a few.

In addition to my gadget and technology obsessions I am also passionate about community and the way they interact online- from the interactions to the technologies that make the interactions possible. I love to plan and orchestrate online environments that bring equally passionate people together.

More recently I have been learning game development using the Unity and C# and have joined a local meet up group Philly GameWorks to help foster learning and creativity.

Other obsessions: Efficiency, Usability, User Interfaces, Branding, Marketing, Business Strategy, Urban Planning.
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