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Helene Wilson
United Kingdom
Ubisoft UK Forum/ Social Media Manager Also run my own website
I've been working with the Xbox community since the original Xbox was announced. THQ and Climax Racing's (now Black Rock) MotoGP series is the heart of our community on Xboxliveaddicts and we have worked closely with them throughout their series, we even have our logo in two of their games! you can find our website on Also worked with Capcom and Monumental games with their series. Now working with Milestone for their series. Xboxliveaddicts is part of the Community Developer program, meaning we can bring you loads of great Xbox Live features. Recently, I have been working further into the Xbox Community helping websites like LAGtv, XLN and planning inter-site tournaments. I am a Forum Manager for Ubisoft covering twenty games from pre-release to post-release and have my name in the titles of two games. General, Beyond Good & Evil, The Crew, The Division, Driver, Ghost Recon, Haze, Heroes Over Europe, IL2, Lock On, Might & Magic, Naruto, No More Heroes, Prince of Persia, RainbowSix, Shaun White, Settlers, Silent Hunter, Splinter Cell, Teenage Ninja Turtles, Uru, Wheelman, Your Shape 2012 I also spend a lot of time helping people with their technical problems with their Xbox 360 consoles and P.C.s. Gamertag- Mush xx,