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Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, Windows Expert-IT Pro
English, Portuguese, Spanish
J. Peter Bruzzese
United States
Co-Founder of ClipTraining, Mimecast Lead Solution Architect, Enterprise Windows columnist for InfoWorld, Contributing Editor for and Pluralsight author
J. Peter Bruzzese has an extensive record in consulting with companies like Goldman Sachs, Solomon Smith Barney, CommVault Systems, and Microsoft, to name a few. J. Peter is the co-founder of ClipTraining, provider of the ClipTraining LMS and ClipTraining Library, which is designed to assist users in learning more about Windows and Office. ( 

You can follow J. Peter Bruzzese on Twitter at: His focus has been, and continues to be, corporate training. For the past ten years he has specialized in Active Directory and Exchange support and education, as well as Certification Training. Peter is an established technical author with over a dozen books to his credit, some of which have been best sellers in the tech world and internationally sold in 8 different languages. Peter is also a contributor to, Tech Target, Redmond Magazine, and WindowsITPro. He is a speaker for TechMentor Conferences, Microsoft Tech Ed, and others… with sessions that revolve mostly around Exchange. 

Peter has created a ton of training content for Pluralsight that revolves around Exchange and Office 365.

J. Peter works with Mimecast as a Lead Solution Architect.