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Windows Platform Development
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ASP.NET/IIS, Microsoft Azure
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James Johnson
United States
James is the Founder and President of the Inland Empire .NET User’s Group (, and has fondly watched it grow from a twice a month, early Saturday morning group of five in 2003, to a robust and rambunctious gathering of all types and sizes of .NET developers. 

In his off-time from running the user group, James is a husband and dad, runs a successful consultancy and, digs deep into cutting edge technologies (often with some spectacular disasters) and spreads the word about the latest and greatest bits, getting people excited about .NET. 

He tries social media as often as he can, but usually gets distracted by LINQ, MVC, ASP, SQL, and most other types of acronyms. You can keep up with him at, or on Twitter at @latringo.
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