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James McCormick
I am one of the owners of  I am active in the gaming community and am always looking for quality members to hang with us at  Feel free to send me a Friend Request (my gamertag is Peench) and join me on Live and at!

I am honored to receive the MVP award.  I, along with all of the members of, strive to bring the best there is to offer about Xbox and Live to the entire gaming community.  Our focus is on the gaming community and making sure that gamers of all ages and types enjoy their online experience, much like the focus of Microsoft.

I have been gaming since the Atari days.  I gamed on PCs during my high school and college years and have now moved on to mostly console gaming.  I currently game on my Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii and will soon be gaming on my Xbox One and PS4.  Happy gaming everyone!