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Windows Platform Development
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Kinect for Windows, ASP.NET/IIS, Surface
Dutch, English, German
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Joost van Schaik
Web/GIS architect at day, Windows Phone fanatic at night
I am a Geographical Information Systems architect and developer at Vicrea Solutions, Amersfoort, The Netherlands. I have been in the industry since 1992, and have been blogging .NET samples since October 2007, apparently filling a need doing so as about 800  people a day are visiting the blog. Since July 2010 Windows Phone became an ever more prominent feature, even though it had not been released and the Netherlands were not even scheduled to get a Marketplace that year. One thing led to another: Windows Phone news sites and blog feeds started picking up my articles, all kinds of people came to me for help, I wrote an article in a magazine, I was asked as an 'expert' at the Microsoft Developer Days 2010, and I enjoyed immensely helping everyone out with their development problems. And now I am here ;-)
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