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Kinect for Windows, Windows Phone
Portuguese, English, Spanish
Jose Cerqueira Barros Jr.
J. Cerqueira has a deep passion for the Xbox systems since the first model came to life. Because of this passion J. Cerqueira became one of the founders of Portalxbox (, the largest community of portuguese-speaking Xbox users in the world. There, he was responsible for:
- Administration of the comercial contents; 
- Administration of the facebok fanpage of Portalxbox; 
- The social program "Portalxbox Kids" that, till today, gave hope to, at least, 900 poor children in Brazil.
And by the year of 2013 he begun a new eon on brasilian gamer community: the closure of Portalxbox, cause techinical problems, and the re-birth of PXB ( Migrating all the content and all users data, he managed to overcome with a new site, more modern and updated, prepared for the launch of the new generation of consoles.
Now, he is the CEO of PXB and mantain his hard working to expand the community.
Also continue to be the host of the PXBCast; a new Gaming Podcast; the successor of Podcast Oficial Portalxbox: the oldest gaming podcast on Brazil (with 146, two hours editions).
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