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ASP.NET/IIS, Microsoft Azure
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Italian, English
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Luigi Violin
I am a software developer and a gamer from as long as I can remember. I love how Xbox gave me the chance to unify my two biggest passions, and how I could give back something to the Community I LOVE, in the form of fansites and services for Xbox fans.

I'm a member of the Xbox Community Developer Program (XCDP) since 2006, other than a Moderator of the official forums, an Xbox Ambassador and Xpert.

I love to collaborate and work together with other Communities dedicated to Xbox, so feel free to ping me if you think I could help out with yours.

Current active projects (online):
- Custom Xbox Live gamercards:
- Official Xbox fansite for Italy:
- Windows Phone 7 fansite:

Feel free to get in touch on my personal blog at, or on twitter @zaam.