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Exchange Server
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Exchange Server, PowerShell, Directory Services
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English, Turkish, Azerbaijani
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Oz Casey Dedeal
United States
FairFax, VA
I am Senior Principle Systems Engineer mostly work for large enterprise project and clients located around Washington DC area over 15 years working experience. I write and post articles about Exchange Server and Active Directory and participate forums when time permits

I started writing articles about Microsoft Exchange Server, Active Directory and other related technologies early 2007 and today continue as my personal journey. I have over 1Million actual visits and encouraging feedback from people all over the world that have read my articles. 
In my professional IT journey, I have taught over 6 years Information technology classes around mostly Washington DC area, including all major Microsoft classes, Exchange Server, Active Directory, and Networking classes.  I am still long time student of Information technologies myself. 

I love blogging and sharing my knowledge with others. I have helped hundreds IT professionals and influence them to move ahead in the IT field. Some of my students went way further (-: and I am so proud of each one of them.

I currently hold multiple IT certifications including,
MCITP (EMA),MCITP (EA),MCITP (SA), MCSE 2003, M+, S+, MCDST, Inet+, Net+, A, Unix+ Security+, Server +, Project +, ITILV3

Please visit my Blog.      (Blog) (Blog)
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