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Alastair Aitchison | Bing Maps Development |
Alastair Aitchison has over eight years experience as a management information consultant, providing data reporting and analysis for the House of Lords, the Police, and various UK media agencies. While working as a technical manager at Aviva, his pri...
Brian Norman | Bing Maps Development |
Brian is a web developer based in Letchworth, UK. A Windows Live Platform MVP, Brian's passion is in creating user friendly rich internet applications that add real value to his clients businesses, rather than simple marketing gimmicks.Brian is a...
Daisuke Yamazaki | Bing Maps Development | Japón
I am a representative of Venetian Works(web application creator team) and a web professional fellow of INOP Co.,Ltd in Tokyo,Japan..I put my passion for educating web Creators.So I often teach to how to create web application at Digital Hollywood
John O’Brien | Bing Maps Development |
John is a software developer based in Brisbane, Australia. A Windows Live Platform MVP, John empowers companies with amazing new tools to extend their reach and enrich their applications. John is a moderator for the Bing Maps forums and co-ordinates
Nicolas Boonaert | Bing Maps Development |
Patrick O'Connor | Bing Maps Development | Estados Unidos
I work in the IT industry with special interests in Bing Maps, SharePoint and web based programming.
Pedro Sousa | Bing Maps Development | Portugal
Peter Brack | Bing Maps Development | Alemania
Since the late 90’s Peter has worked with internet based mapping platforms and has long-standing leading experiences in IT-consulting and Innovation Management. In 2010, BGI Solutions - a Fichtner Company - was awarded as german Microsoft country par...
Randy George | Bing Maps Development | Estados Unidos
Since the 80′s I’ve been fascinated with computer graphics, especially as applied to maps. Bing Maps APIs backed by SQL Server Spatial and hosted on Azure are a powerful platform for map applications. I also get to work with opensource tools like Pos...