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PowerShell, Windows IT Pro, .NET
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French, English
Arnaud Petitjean
Ingénieur système et chef de projet technique Auteur Formateur PowerShell indépendant
I'm 39, I live in France in the Bordeaux's area.

I'm employed as a system engineer and technical projet manager in a rather large french company that is involved in research area. I mainly work on Microsoft Server platform where I focus on infrastructure services and virtualization (including desktop virtualization).

Like every IT Pro, I've been writing scripts for years now. However since the last past years I've been writing them with the very well beloved language that is Windows PowerShell!

PowerShell became to me a real passion. Passion that I share through books, articles in specialized press, and through the French PowerShell Community.

So, if you're interested in exchanging on this passionating topic, join me on the - French PowerShell Community Blog - here on

Last but not least, on an ad hoc basis, I act as an independant consultant for various missions and trainings around automation and scripting technologies (but mostly PowerShell).
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