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Excel, Office System
Charley Kyd
United States
Ocean Shores, WA
Founder of Used Spreadsheets in Business for More Than 30 Years. Distributed the First Excel Dashboard Report Internationally in 1990.
While working as a cost accountant at Hewlett Packard in 1979, I beta tested VisiCalc. 

As the CFO of several small companies in the 1980s, I used nearly ten different brands of spreadsheets, including a 3-D spreadsheet created by the Boeing Corporation, the airplane company.

I've written one book about financial management using Lotus 1-2-3, two similar books about Excel, and one book about programming Excel. I've published nearly 50 articles and columns in national magazines, including Inc, Management Accounting, Lotus, Byte, PC World, and Business Software.

Microsoft's Pete Higgins first introduced me to Excel because I was writing the cover story for Business Software magazine about the introduction of Excel for the PC. 

I invented spreadsheet dashboard reporting in the 1980s and included dashboards in my Lotus book published in 1986 by McGraw-Hill. After Excel was introduced, I created the first Excel dashboard reports, which Tektronix used for promoting a color printer they introduced in 1990.

I've consulted for both large and small companies in many industries -- from high tech to fat rendering -- about using Excel with OLAP data for reporting and analysis. 

These days, I devote about 170% of my time to, where I concentrate on solutions for business users of Excel. I also speak to Excel users in business  about Excel.
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