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Visual C++
Intérêts techniques :
ASP.NET/IIS, Visual C#, Windows Platform Development
David Ching
United States
Pleasanton, CA
David has been programming Windows since the “glory days” of Windows 2.0 in 1988.  Back then, Microsoft C with the infamous PWB was the standard issue.  Memory was so limited that there was not enough to build the app from within Windows.  The typical cycle was exiting Windows, building the new version, then restarting Windows to run it.  Needless to say, Windows programmers weren’t very productive back then!  ;)

Given this sad state of affairs, one of David’s main career contributions is to have been an IDE developer on the great Borland Turbo C++ and Borland C++.  Coupled with the first protected mode version of Windows 3.0, this marked the start of the Windows sweet spot.

Since then, David has been involved mostly with consulting at recognizable companies like Logitech, SanDisk, and various startups.  He’s glad for the modern dev tools, OS stability, and VM's which have largely removed the major barriers to programming productivity.  David likes small programs, focusing on small Desktop and Web apps, and he likes simplicity.  He dislikes all things that are not simple, such as templates, STL, Boost, etc. that are largely unreadable and unintuitive.  David also did a couple stints as a project manager and is involved with the business side of running his own shop,

David works in the East Bay city of Pleasanton, CA (USA), along with his 7 year old son.
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