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Cloud & Server Installation and Servicing, ASP.NET/IIS, .NET
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English, Spanish
Joel Bennett
United States
Joel is the man behind the script sharing site and the developer of other open source projects like the PoshConsole WPF PowerShell host, and ShowUI, the PowerShell GUI toolkit.  He's been doing open source software development since the late 90's, and has contributed to many other projects as well, such as geoShell, WinShellEx, and the PowerShell Community Extensions. 

He has a Masters in Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology, specializing in Machine Learning, and has been a professional developer for years, having started at Xerox in 1998 as a test-automation engineer. He currently works at Splunk as a Solutions Architect.

Joel speaks English and Spanish fluently, and wishes he had more opportunities to keep his Spanish current.  His primary areas of interest in software development are in automation -- how computers can ease or automate the tasks we deal with day-to-day. In furtherance of that goal he continues to study human-computer interactions, user-interface design, and machine learning.
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