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Windows Phone, Office365, Directory Services
Jonathan Noble (Jonathan Noble)
United Kingdom
North Shields
Jonathan has been a full-time IT pro for over a dozen years, but working with computers since his primary teachers used to ask for his help with BBC Micro computers in their classrooms. Since 1999 he's been working in the IT department at Newcastle University in North East England where he dived straight into a large-scale migration from NT4 and Netware to Windows 2000 and Active Directory. With tens of thousands of user accounts, thousands of desktops and hundreds of servers in the remit of his department (in Newcastle and branch campuses in Malaysia and Singapore), Jonathan has been automating Windows for many years, initially via batch and vbscript, and then PowerShell came along and changed his world.

As a general technology enthusiast, Jonathan covers a broad range of technical areas, having run the NEBytes user group for all Microsoft technologies for a number of years. He's also deeply embedded in social media, having been the member of a small start-up which formed on Twitter and produced a Twitter app in just a few short weeks.

As a regular collaborator with the UK TechNet team, Jonathan was included in the Microsoft TechNet UK IT Pro New Year’s Honours List 2015.
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