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Windows Experience
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Matthew Kleinwaks
I am a Microsoft MVP for 9 years now in the Visual Basic category.

I have been using VB since Access 97 when I started with VBA. I migrated through the years to VB6 and then to .NET

A bunch of my MVP time is spent over at MSDN Forums in the VB sections, where I am a moderator and frequent contributor to postings. I post several hundred postings each year, providing many answers to VB related development questions.

I provide help to those who seek it and are willing to give at least a little effort on their own part to learn the language and technologies. I do spend a good amount of time helping those who are brand new to the language, and need some guidance. I remember what it was like to be new to a language and a bit lost.

In addition to MSDN Forums, I also moderate and assist at I post several hundred posts a year over there, and there are many other helpful developers who frequent that site. This is a great place to get the cumulative help of many VB experts.

I also have my own site where I post blog entries (which are generally in the form of code articles). Visit me there at

Pretty much all of the help I provide is in the form of online help to people I have never met, however I would like to get into more public speaking with local user groups and things of that nature.

I also participate in product group interactions, surveys, file bugs via connect, net meetings with MS teams, beta test, etc...
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