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Benjamin Voigt | Visual C++ | États-Unis
Ade Miller | Visual C++ | États-Unis
Ade Miller currently works for CenturyLink Cloud, formally Tier 3. He is a member of the agile development team which is responsible for all aspects of the cloud platform. CenturyLink Cloud offers a complete cloud management platform for mid-tier to
Ajay Vijayvargiya | Visual C++ |
Alon Fliess | Visual C++ |
Alon Fliess is the Chief Architect & Founder of CodeValue. CodeValue is the home of software experts. We build software tools, foundations and products for the software industry. We offer mentoring, consulting and project development services.Alon
Andrey Karpov | Visual C++ |
Andrey Karpov is technical director of the OOO "Program Verification Systems" company where his task is to develop source code static analyzers. He has worked for several years in the "CFD Software Group" Scientific Center where he has acquired an ex...
Angel Hernandez | Visual C++ | Australie
Angel lives and works in Sydney - Australia. He's been writing software since his early 12 years of age. He currently develops in C# and C++. He’s been supporting Technical and Developer Community in Venezuela and Latin America since 2002, and keeps...
Brecht Kets | Visual C++ |
Brecht is a lecturer at the University College of West-Flanders, Belgium. He teaches a game programming in the bachelor degree Digital Arts and Entertainment.Besides being a lecturer, Brecht speaks at events concerning XNA, and hosts the site www...
Brian Muth | Visual C++ |
Brian is a general practitioner and has worked as a family doctor for over thirteen years. During that time he also moonlighted for the Ontario Hydro Nuclear Power Research facility where he was a central figure in developing a robot used to analyze
Bruce | Visual C++ | États-Unis
My day job is helping ship video games for Valve, with a focus on performance, security, robustness, and developer productivity. I love extracting every bit of performance out of CPUs so C++ is the obvious language for me to focus on.I blog at ht...
Bruno Thierry Boucard | Visual C++ | France
Bruno Boucard has been a specialist in Microsoft technologies for many years. He has a wide experience ranging from programming for kernel mode to managing projects using agile methodologies. After spending eight years with Agence France Pres...