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Alberto José Escalona Ustáriz | Windows Consumer Apps | Colombie
Systems Engineer, Writer, Editor, Academic advisor. I worked as an Editor and Contribuitor in MESSENGERADICTOS where I was awarded as an MVP in Windows Live Messenger technology for the first time. A year later I owned my blog: SIMPLEMENTE TECH, sinc...
Alex Chang | Windows Consumer Apps |
Alex Chang has been awarded as MVP for consecutive 11 years. He is a senior writer, a senior consultant, and famous speaker in Taiwan and China. Since his first book published in 1990, he has published more than 80 books. He delivered more than 100 s...
David Henry Clarke | Windows Consumer Apps | Danemark
I had a long career in Aviation, initially as a military pilot, and then, for forty years, in Air Traffic Control.In the latter years of my working life, (From 1980) I moved to management and was in charge of the setting up of the first computers
Gary Holloway | Windows Consumer Apps |
Gary is a digital media enthusiast with principal interests in the areas of videography, photography and fractal images. He is a leading contributor to and a moderator of the Movie Maker forums at and the creator/co-creato...
Georges Bailly | Windows Consumer Apps |
Franc-Comtois d'origine, né à Montbéliard (Doubs) en 1940. Passionné d'informatique au point d'en faire mon métier! J'ai commencé ma carrière d'abord à 16 ans comme mécanographe avant de devenir programmeur à 18 ans (le plus jeune du monde ?!)
Graham Hughes | Windows Consumer Apps |
Graham Hughes has spent many years working in Digital Media, initially as a hobby and more lately with his own business. Currently he films and edits anything from commercial work to weddings, concentrating on charity and educational events and also
Greg Edwards | Windows Consumer Apps | États-Unis
Greg is a technophile, media junkie, and self-described "swell guy." He lives in Knoxville with his wife and two kids. He's a multimedia developer for a national health-care management company and a Microsoft MVP.In addition to being an outspoken...
Gregory Winston Natoli | Windows Consumer Apps | États-Unis
Computers? Love, hate, indifference, or ‘all the above’. My first experience with them was during my collegiate salad days writing ‘what-if’ programs to predict the supposed outcome of chemical engineering lab experiments. That love for computing ev...
Jinchen Shi | Windows Consumer Apps |
石金辰,来自上海。行云社副站长,管理员。在行云社中主要负责社区发展规划、日常事务管理、Windows Live产品解决方案,以及 Microsoft 其他产品资讯的撰写。 自己平时的工作也是和社区有关,所以对行云社的管理也有自己一定的见解。 同时在平时的工作中也会推荐周围的同事使用 Windows Live 产品,并同时帮助他们解决 Microsoft 在使用过程中遇到的问题,包括 Windows Live,Office 系列,Windows 系统等。
Joao Cardoso | Windows Consumer Apps |
First started as a professional developer in 1992, by the time I was 18, and soon made a decision to grab this opportunity.Since early years I’ve started to develop commercial solutions using different languages as needed. The first few years the t...