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Windows Consumer Apps
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Windows Phone Consumer, Windows Expert-Consumer, Surface
Spanish, English
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Alberto José Escalona Ustáriz (@MVP_AlbertoE)
Expert in Windows Consumer Apps: Skype, Pictures, SkyDrive, People, Mail, etc; Online Services as: and Desktop Apps: Windows Essentials pack and Windows 8 Features.
Systems Engineer, Writer, Editor, Academic advisor. I worked as an Editor and Contribuitor in MESSENGERADICTOS where I was awarded as an MVP in Windows Live Messenger technology for the first time. A year later I owned my blog: SIMPLEMENTE TECH, since then I've been sharing my knowledge, experience and guiding to consumers for a better use of their apps. I'm from Colombia, I'm an expert in the use of Modern UI Apps and Desktop Apps, My priority is giving to consumers great articles to improve their experience with Microsoft products.
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