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Visual Basic
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Visual Studio ALM, Visual Basic, Visual C#
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Carlos Quintero
Visual Studio eXtensibility (VSX) specialist | Entrepreneur | Technical Blogger and Writer
With a telecommunication engineering academic background, I have focused my career as a software and computer technology specialist and manager in different programming languages, development environments, tools and technologies, mainly with Microsoft tools.

I have a passion for everything related to software: design, user interface, development, testing, quality, team collaboration, specifications, management, usability, methodologies, etc., either for commercial software or for in-house applications in corporations, working with smart and highly talented people to achieve the excellence in the final result: the software. The two key goals that I pursue when creating software are quality and innovation, not for the sake of technology, but to improve the life of people in some way (work, productivity, relationships, entertainment, etc.).

I am also interested in subjects such as entrepreneurship, marketing and customer support for software products. As a side project apart from my daily job, I created back in 2000 my own web site ( successfully releasing a family of extensions for Visual Studio (.NET), Visual Basic ("Classic") and VBA currently used by dozens of thousands of users worldwide.

In order to keep myself up-to-date with software technologies and to learn from the best people in every field, I am an avid reader of books of well-known authors (either classic books in some subjects or recent ones for the latest technologies), magazines, web sites and blogs.

I am also involved in the Visual Studio Extensibility community, where I learn from, and where I contribute to answering questions on the MSDN forum or by e-mail, reporting bugs of the beta versions of Visual Studio, writing articles on magazines and on my own blog. Microsoft has recognized this contribution with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) title several years in a row since 2004, moderator title on the Microsoft MSDN VSX forum, Award for Customer Excellence and MSDN Community Content Top Contributor Award.
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