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Kelsey Epps
Office365 MVP
Senior Technical Consultant with a background in Office365, Azure, Identity Federation (ADFS), Microsoft Clustering, Exchange Server, Lync Server and Windows Server.

Working at HP in the Enterprise Microsoft Support Centre, I currently provide third level support for all HP client account teams. Our team supported all Microsoft software and is the jump point between the account team and Microsoft. The accounts come to us with all Microsoft issues and we provide problem resolution. We engage Microsoft when needed, but our team was put into place to lower company costs from Microsoft.

On the side, I currently also run my own consulting company, Concepps Group, helping the small businesses with the transition to the cloud (Azure and Office365). I also run my own support BLOG for Office365 ( which recently surpassed the 500K hits in the past two years.

Recently I have been an author for CanITPro, Windows Server News, and many others.
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