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Visual Studio ALM
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Professional Scrum Developer .NET

Professional Scrum Master I

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Luis Fraile
CTO and Co-Founder at VS Anywhere
I have been working as developer and developer consultant for a Spanish based company called Renacimiento for about 9 years and a half.

After that I worked as CTO for Multidomo Networks, a company developping home automation software.

I have been the Microsoft ALM International Division Manager for Globe Testing, managing the Globe ALM División for a couple of years prior to my actual place.

I am now one of the Co-Founders adnd the CTO of VS Anywhere a completely new real-time collaboration platform for Visual Studio

I also collaborate actively with dotNetMania magazine, coordinating a section called ALMania, and also in public events held in Spain by Microsoft, and .NET users group, being INETA Speaker.
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