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Windows Phone Consumer, Xbox, Windows Expert-Consumer
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Social media
Marques Lyons
Educate. Engage. Empower.
Marques has held the Microsoft MVP award since 2008, when it was originally given for the Zune platform. Today, he offers perspective and information on the Xbox Music service, assisting others to get the most out of the Xbox Music platform.

Throughout his time as MVP, Marques helped grow and lead communities through various activities, including "Inside the Circle" a blog centered on Zune and #ZuneTune a socially-generated music playlist.

Today, Marques directs Consumer Camp, an education initiative showcasing Microsoft's consumer devices and services. He also commits energy to evangelizing Xbox Music, making sure it's part of the general conversation about viable music services.

As a lifelong music aficionado, and former trombonist, Marques offers a unique perspective on the current climate of music services and how they affect artists and listeners, alike. He jots down these musings and more at the enConnected website ( and through social media, on twitter (@tromboneforhire).
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