Anno di ricezione del primo titolo MVP:
Titoli MVP ricevuti:
Windows Consumer Apps
Interessi tecnici
Microsoft Azure, Enterprise Security, Microsoft Integration
Social media
Stephen Ibaraki
MVP 2006-present, Top 5 MVP 2007, Top 7 Blogs, Founder UN-founded-IFIP IP3 Global Industry Council, 2010-present IFIP IP3 Chief Officer SR/Board Vice Chair, 2008/9 founding Chairman Global Board GITCA, 2007/8 Chair/Pres CIPS, 2005-8 Vice-Chair NPA, Gerson Lehrman Scholar (appointed 2006), Vice-Chair IFIP World CIO Forum. A sampling from more than 100 recognitions and roles include:
-Founding CIPS Fellow, NPA Distinguished Fellow: “outstanding contributions to IT”
-Microsoft MVP: 2015-2006; MCP Hall of Fame nomination; top 5 spotlight global MVP Summit 2007
-Computer World Top 10 Blogger; Global MVP Summit 2 of top 7 blogs 2008
-ICT Industry's, Computing Canada IT Leadership: Lifetime Achievement Award--only awardee in 35-years, highest award for all IT sectors  
-ASTTBC Advanced Technology Award: lifetime leadership in IT innovation
-Global Career Achievement Award: NPA with Network Computing magazine, Network World magazine, Networld+Interop Conferences, Microsoft, Pearson Publishing, ... International Panel of Judges. Inaugural recipient in worldwide search
-IT Hero Award: Fed. Gov. Industry Canada and the Information Technology Association (ITAC)
-National Gary Hadford Professional Achievement Award
-CIPS IT Hall of Fame
-Most Inspirational & Excellence in Teaching Awards: NVIT (BCIT), CU
-Selection as a Top Writer: Western Magazine Foundation
-National All Star Team Award: Datatech Systems Ltd. (now EDS) 
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