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Terry Farrell
I joined the Royal Air Force as an apprentice telecommunications technician when I was 16. I served 16½ year before leaving in 1978 when I joined the Metropolitan Police Service. I worked in the Command & Control Centre in New Scotland Yard for 18 years until 2000.

I joined a young, dynamic, local company providing IT solutions and support for local businesses in my home area. I was employee number 17 in 2000. This has reached 93 to date: the pace of growth and company’s success has been a joy to follow and participate! My principal task was to specify solutions and upgrades to meet customers' IT requirements.

My main area of expertise is computer support - particularly hardware for both desktop and server systems -  but also with Windows OS and Office Suites. 

In 2007,  a friend and I drove a 1976 Reliant Kitten from Hyde Park, London to Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) for charity. The journey took almost 5 weeks with our biggest problems being bad roads breaking suspension and Russian red tape. But the people in Siberia and Mongolia were wonderful.

As if London to Mongolia wasn't sufficient punishment, in 2011/2012, we drove a Tuk-Tuk 3,000 km from Jaisalmer to Fort Kochi in India for charity. We followed that with a punishing schedules touring Kerala and the golden triangle.

I'm now retired by keep up to date with progress in computing hardware and software.
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