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Alain Krikilion | Dynamics NAV | Italia
I started working with Navision in 1999 in Belgium and fast became expert with it.I live in Italy since June 2002 and I am working for Aive BS as senior Navision developer.Specialized in solving performance issues on Navision and SQL-DB, technica...
Alberto Ferrari | SQL Server | Italia
Alberto Ferrari is a Business Intelligence consultant. He his interests lie in two main areas: BI development lifecycle methodologies and performance tuning of ETL and SQL code. His main activities are with SSIS and SSAS for the banking, manufactur...
Alessandro Alpi | SQL Server | Italia
Alessandro Alpi works in the IT area as a developer since 2000 to 2005 and as a DBA/DBDeveloper/.net Developer since 2005.This passion started when he was 11 years old, with his wonderful C64.He worked as a web solutions developer (between ASP
Alessandro Del Sole | Visual Basic | Italia
I'm from Italy and I enjoy writing community articles about Visual Basic and .NET development. I also write programming books and developer tools. You can find me around the Italian "Visual Basic Tips & Tricks" Community forums.
Alessandro Scardova | Client Development | Italia
Alessandro Vannini | Windows Expert-IT Pro | Italia
Alessio Leoncini | Client Development | Italia
I am Software and UX Architect, Interactive Designer about web, mobile, desktop and enterprise .NET applications.I am author and speaker in major conferences in the field of Italian Microsoft.
Andrea Boschin | Silverlight | Italia
Andrea Boschin began his passion for information technology at 15 years old when someone gives him his first MSX computer. In a few he was fascinated about programming and about theory and start writing some article for a magazine. The first revenues...
Andrea Dottor | ASP.NET/IIS | Italia
Andrea Dottor si avvicina al Microsoft .NET Framework nel 2002, realizzando soluzioni di supervisione di impianti nel settore dell'automazione industriale. Nel 2005 si appassiona alla programmazione di applicazione web-based, e grazie alla spinta di
Beppe Platania | Windows Embedded | Italia
Beppe has more than 30 years of experience in Embedded Operating Systems. In 2006, Beppe founded BEPS Engineering (www.bepseng.it) to offer its customers: products, training courses, system buildings, consultancy and applications for embedded system...