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SQL Server
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Visual Studio ALM, Microsoft Azure, .NET
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Italian, English
Alessandro Alpi (Alessandro Alpi)
Fidenza, PR
Attualmente sto collaborando come freelance su progetti enterprise e continuo a seguire i miei canali preferiti, la formazione per aziende e la partecipazione come speaker ad eventi.
Alessandro Alpi works in the IT area as a developer since 2000 to 2005 and as a DBA/DBDeveloper/.net Developer since 2005.

This passion started when he was 11 years old, with his wonderful C64.
He worked as a web solutions developer (between ASP to the most recent versions of ASP.NET),  windows application and services developer with languages C# and VBNet. 
Starting from 2005 he begun to study the data layer, using SQL Server deeply.
He actually works full time as DBA and software developer/architect.
He is also a trainer in companies, taking sessions on object-oriented programming based on Framework and Microsoft SQL Server.
He's working on Windows Azure based environments (both Paas and Iaas) and he's following the ALM processes of his team (applying SCRUM agile methodology).
He is a Microsoft Certified Professional and Microsoft Certified Trainer.
He managed his blogs on wordpress and He is a staff member of this community and he replies in the discussions on forums.
You can find him also on SQL Server MSDN italian forums and on StackOverflow.
He is one of the PASS SQL Saturday italian organiser. He is the local responsible for the SQL Saturday event in Parma.
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