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SQL Server, .NET
Brent Spaulding
United States
Winchester, VA
Brent Spaulding: UtterAccess Editor, Moderator, and contributor. Volunteer developer for applications used by non-profit, military and government entities. Proud father of a large family.
I am a Developer/DBA for the non-profit group Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). My responsibilities include the design, maintainance, and development of applications using C#.  In addition, I maintain SQL Server databases.  I use MS Access 2013 coupled with Office 365 to assist in those maintenence tasks and for short term departmental applications.  I have used Acces during most of my carreer.  I have used MS Access to integrate data to manage manufacturing processes, verify embedded control software, and calibrate measurement equipment.  In addition, I have used Access to develop personnel management software for the Coast Guard and other local emergency deployment entities was well as a variety of small business tools for non-profit entities.  I have been using MS Access since v2.0. My knowledge of VBA, Access, .Net and SQL Server has been gained through curiousity, experience, Help Files and Web Sites.  I willingly share in order to evangelize the incredible power of the applications that can be built on a shoe string budget with in the Office platform.  Then, I guide people on an upgrade path should their application need it.

I actively share my knowledge online as datAdrenaline. UtterAccess, (UA for short), is the primary place I provide assistance. I have been an active member since 12/2003.  On UA, I am obtained the status of "VIP", and actively carry out the positions of UtterAccess Editor, Wiki Moderator, and Code Archive Moderator.  In addition to the behind the scenes responsibilities, I actively participate in the forums.  I specialize in knowledge regarding the Access Connectivity Engine and how it can interact with all forms of data.

On a personal level, I am proud to be the father of 10 children: 8 boys (19 down to 3) and 2 girls (8 and 2).  My incredible wife homeschools some of the crew as the older kids go to the school of their choice.  She keeps us all in line with well placed encouragement and love.  She is truly a blessing, and has the incredible strength to keep it all together - and put up with me and my late night volunteer work and post binges on UtterAccess or a variety of other support forums!
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