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SQL Server, Visual C#
Brent Spaulding
I am a Developer/DBA for the non-profit group Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). My responsibilities include the design, maintainance, and development of applications using C#. In addition, I maintain SQL Server databases. I use MS Access 2007/2010 to assist in those maintenence tasks and for short term departmental applications. I have used Acces during most of my carreer. While at Toyota, I used MS Access 2003 to integrate data from several SQL Server databases to monitor and manufacturing processes & equipment. While at GM, I used Access to create applications for manufacturing as well as verification of embedded controller software. I have been using MS Access since v2.0. My knowledge of VBA, Access, .Net and SQL Server has been gained through curiousity, experience, Help Files and Web Sites. I share my knowledge online as datAdrenaline. UtterAccess, (UA for short), is the primary place I provide assistance. I have been an active member since 12/2003. On UA, I have been appointed the status of VIP, Wiki Moderator, and Code Archive Moderator. On a personal level, I am proud to be the father of 9 children: 8 boys (15 down to brand new) and 1 girl (5). My incredible wife homeschools the crew and keeps me in line with well placed encouragement. She is truly a blessing, and has the incredible strength to keep it all together - and put up with me and my late night post binges on UtterAccess or a variety of other support forums!
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