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SQL Server
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Korean, English
Dae Joong Sung
I am a SQL Server-centric consultant and application developer, translator, architect, writer. During the last year, I was working as SQL Server consultant for more than 20 customer company. I am translator of the book "Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2005 T-SQL Programming”, “SQL Server 2005 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant","SQL Server 2000 Resource Kit", "SQL Server 2000 Administrator Companion" and translated articles on SQL Server ,ADO.NET for MSDN, SQL Server Magazine, and others. I am working as a member of SQL Specialists, .NET Advisor Community. (Supported by Microsoft Korea).  From Jun, 2007, I am working as a sysop of DPC(Korea Database Promotion Center, shortly DPC) D&A(Discussion & Answer, shortly D&A) Program. And I won a prize for BEST Q&A MVP Award(Jun,2007 by DPC). From Sep.,2007, I am working as a SQL Board Directory Editor(Q & A Board Sysop) of Naver.COM