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Windows Embedded
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Windows Embedded, Microsoft Azure, .NET
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Developer.
David Jones
Author, developer, consultant, trainer and long term general contributor in the Windows Embedded area. Early adopter and protagonist for Microsoft IoT technologies.
Formerly an academic in Computer Engineering at RMIT University in Australia where he developed courses and supported student projects involving the Microsoft software stack from the bottom to the top. In this period he gained specific skills in the Windows Embedded area becoming an Windows Embedded CE and XPE trainer around which he developed student undergraduate courses and projects. Also during this period, he was invited to deliver a number of presentations in the embedded area on behalf of Microsoft to academics and industry. A great achievement then though was mentoring the 2005 Windows Embedded Student Challenge winners. Has delivered industry training and provided industry project consultancy. Now going solo.

Co-author of "Professional Windows Embedded Compact 7, a Wrox book and working on a new book for Compact 2013. Author of many related Codeplex projects such as CEDriverWiz, CEContentwiz and recently Compact 2013 Tools (Compact13Tools). Expertise with driver development as well as application development including the native code - managed code divide. Keen to assist others through consultation, training and development of useful tools such as the Codeplex ones.
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