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Francisco Javier Garcia Aguado
First of all, thank appointment as Microsoft Access MVP-from 2002 to the present (2014).

Born in Valladolid (Spain) 55 years ago. Degree in Physics (Electronics and Control) and Information Management.
Among other occupations, I still have time to help users in Access VBA Programming Forum (Forum Access and VBA) of which I am an administrator.

My first programming language was Fortram later Pascal, Visual Basic, Clipper and VBA + Access course. Although, if I'm honest, I have read almost all programming languages, without dominating, none at all:
"I only know that I know nothing"

I have maintained for many years a web page devoted exclusively to Access, having become during this time it has been open on the Access page in Spanish most visited lately. Also currently maintain and administer the Access and VBA forum, where, with 15 others, all excellent professionals Access, give free support to the most inexperienced:

I do not speak English and my interest is that the Spanish language (Castilian Or if you prefer) is disseminated as widely and quickly as possible to get a strong Internet presence.

Serve as this brief biography to describe the 'Owl' nick with which I write and is known in the forum News and programming.
Greetings to all.
P.D: I apologize for my poor English. :)
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