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Glenn Lloyd
I began my dance with personal computing in the late 70’s when pc’s were just in their infancy. A few years earlier a filler course in FORTRAN piqued my interest in the possibilities of programming. By the early 80’s I was teaching myself desktop applications relevant to my accounting and administrative capacities with charitable and volunteer organizations and public sector businesses. 
I have been providing course facilitation through various public and private training institutions, teaching personal computer end user and programming topics since 1988. I own and operate my own computer consulting business, specializing in database and spreadsheet development for small enterprises.
In my spare time, I focus on my favourite on-line community, UtterAccess.Com, where I am a forum administrator. In addition to writing and publishing a number of Access related tutorials on UtterAccess, I have written and published several hard-copy articles.
Life long learning is one of the cornerstones of my life. I find that working with Access continues to provide me ample opportunities to fulfil that need.
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