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Office System, SharePoint Server, Office365
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English, Swedish
Goran Husman
A true SharePoint Nerd, and proud of it!
A true Computer Nerd that started in the computer business in 1978 as a programmer and a network administrator. I have been working as an independent computer consultant since -89, mostly with e-mail products like MS Mail initially and from 1996 with MS Exchange. In 1993 I was certified as an MCT (MS Trainer), and have done a large number of MOC traninings ever since. In 2001 I started my third company, Human Data AB, that focused on Exchange and SharePoint consulting and training. In 2003 I switched my personal focus from my beloved Exchange to my new love: MS SharePoint! Since then I do consulting, training and writing about SharePoint day and night - I have written 1 book about Exchange and 3 about SharePoint. My new interest in life is Office 365 - You can't escape it, so make sure to learn to love it!  You can find more about my work on
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