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Access, SQL Server, .NET
2012 MVE - Expert's Exchange
Jim Dettman
United States
Independent consultant specializing in the writing of custom packages for businesses. 

I have been developing software for the past thirty years.  While my main focus is development, I also have a wide range of skills which includes the setup and configuration of hardware and networks. I have an extensive and in-depth knowledge of Mfg, EDI, and bar coding systems.

I have worked on a wide variety of applications including standard Mfg (traditional MRP and Lean systems), job shop accounting/costing, veterinary applications, construction industry, trucking industry, retail systems, and many more.

My main development tools are MS Access, VFP, VB, and SQL Server and I'm slowly working into .Net with VB and C#.  I still work in the VAX/VMS world to some degree and also program in FORTRAN along with several obscure languages (like Basic2c / NPL).  I have worked with a variety of tools on different platforms, including the use of ladder logic and PLC's for factory floor automation.

 With Access, I have been using it since version 1.1 and answering questions about it on-line for the past twenty two years (six years on CompuServe's MS Access forum, the last two of which I held a sysop position, and sixteen years on currently serving as one of the Access Topic Advisers).

I currently hold Microsoft MVP status for Access and have been a MVP since 2010.  I also have been awarded MVE status at, and achieved lifetime member status as well.
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