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File System Storage
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English, Russian
Maxim S Shatskih
With computers since 15 years old in senior school. With PCs since 17 years old as a student. Professional experience since 20 years old. 10 years of experience in NT kernel mode development - from storage ports to FS filters and NDIS drivers. Currently is a lead of the development team of StorageCraft Technology Corporation in Moscow, Russia. Lead developer of the following products: - ShadowProtect disk image backup software (the core logic and the snapshot/changes tracking kernel-mode driver) - ShadowUser/ShadowSurfer/ShadowServer (the core logic), products developed as a joint effort of StorageCraft and ShadowStor companies. - VSNAP volume snapshot. - STC's kernel mode sockets library (the TDI client). - STC's storage port library (VSPORT).
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