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German, English
Tobias Weltner
Tobias is one of the most visible PowerShell trainers in Europe, regular speaker at conferences such as the PowerShell Summit, and the German PowerShell conference which he organizes. Weltner is the creator of ISESteroids, a sophisticated extension for the built-in PowerShell editor. He shares his knowledge in trainings and free forums.
He is the moderator of the PowerShell Ask-the-Experts forum on Windows client/server at, member of the editorial board at, and has written many books on PowerShell. He regularly submits advice and howtos at, maintains the "daily PowerShell tip" at, and is author of the free "PowerShell monthly" series of PowerShell technology related ebooks. 
In his spare time, Tobias enjoys sports, and as a member of the local Rotary club organizes youth exchange with over 30 countries.
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