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Abhimanyu Kumar Vatsa | ASP.NET/IIS | 인도
Abhimanyu has been building web scale applications using Microsoft Web Stack Technologies including ASP.NET, MVC, C#/VB, jQuery, JavaScript, Silverlight, SQL Server and many more web stuffs. He is also handy in non-Microsoft Technologies but he’s spe...
Abhishek Sur | ASP.NET/IIS | 인도
Abhishek is a Microsoft MVP in Client App Dev, currently working as Developer Tech Lead in Kolkata. He has expertise in most of the Microsoft Technologies like WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET, Win Phone 7, Windows 8 etc and have great depth on C#. He loves...
Adem Šabić | ASP.NET/IIS |
Adil Ahmed Mughal | ASP.NET/IIS | 파키스탄
Adil is Software Engineer by profession and passion. He is currently working as Senior Developer at Nintex and has extensive experience on Microsoft Web, Client and Mobile development platforms. He is Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and Microsoft C...
Ahmad Masykur | ASP.NET/IIS |
Ahmad Masykur is a Software Architecture Engineer at PT. Freeport Indonesia Jakarta Indonesia. Main responsibilities are administering Team Foundation Server and developing web application using latest technology such as ASP.NET Ajax and Silverlight....
Al Pascual | ASP.NET/IIS |
I started with ASP.NET and .NET in general in 2001 while I was a consultant to bring fast and robust applications to my customers. I took .NET as the technology to follow as since the starting I have always bet my career with Microsoft and I have nev...
Albert Weinert | ASP.NET/IIS |
Alexander Zeitler | ASP.NET/IIS |
Alexander Zeitler is a self-employed Web Developer who has spent 17 years working mainly for the tooling and machining industry as well as plant manufacturing, where he works mainly with ASP.NET MVC and now ASP.NET Web API on the server side and HTML...
Gives lectures and trainings, is MVP (Most Valuable Professional) and MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional). Bachelor in Computer Science in UMESP (University Metodista of São Paulo) and post-graduated in Federal University of São Carlos. System Ana...
Ali Tugberk Ugurlu | ASP.NET/IIS | 터키
I am a web guy who has been working in tourism industry since 2003 (as a developer since 2009) and specialized mainly on .NET Web technologies including ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET SignalR, ASP.NET MVC, etc.Despite the fact that I've studied travel